The must-see Uncertified Pilot stream on Twitch! – A New Series

The must-see Uncertified Pilot stream on Twitch! – A New Series
The must-see Uncertified Pilot stream on Twitch! – A New Series

10 January, 2016


ProjectFlightSim has recently become aware of an awesome Twitch series that Tim, also known as the UncertifiedPilot has recently started a new flight simulator exploration series, particularly focusing on getting as close as possible to a “real world instrument rating” and thus obtaining the private pilot proficiency. Flying the heavy stuff is all well and good, but the art of flying is really displayed in GA aircraft, and in this series, Tim will be using the A2A Cessna 182 which is one of the most sophisticated GA addon there is to date. Accusim models very realistic physics, engine behaviour, aerodynamics and various other bits and pieces, which all effect the performance of the aircraft, based on how you “treat” it.

Tim is here to tell you his story. Read on

Have you heard about Twitch yet?

While YouTube remains the leading online resource for those looking for flight simulator training content, Twitch on the other hand – an online platform where simmers can live video stream their flights publicly to anyone watching – is steadily attracting the attention of the flight simulator community.

Not a fan of Twitch? Read on

I personally never thought I would get ‘hooked’ on Twitch when I first visited the site. Most streamers merely fly their airliner from A to B, program their autopilot once, lean back, and stream a static view of their airliner fly itself hours on end. At best, streamers chat about some of their favorite flight simulator addons, play some tune in the background, or answer some of the questions posed by viewers while flying. If you too share that experience of Twitch with me, and perhaps ditched Twitch for this reason some time ago, then please read on.

Meet Tim, the Uncertified Pilot

Last year, I started a video-oriented blog –– to tell the story of my genuine attempts to get as close to a real-world, Instrument Rating in flight simulator as I possibly can. No autopilot. No GPS. No sightseeing. But hardcore, hands-on flight training in flight simulator, studying sectional charts, and doing weather briefings. Starting from scratch, using only the best third-party, addon software currently available. I fly A2Asimulations’ Cessna Skylane 182 (the most realistic GA airplanes out there), on the PilotEdge network (professional ATC service for flight simulator pilots on an online multiplayer network), in Active Sky Next’s real-world weather conditions, over ORBX’s photorealistic scenery. I even built my own home flight simulator cockpit. Furthermore, I use real-world flight training resources to self-regulate and self-correct my flight training. And I think you too might be interested in following me along.

Jump aboard Tim’s next flight on Twitch

I stream my every flight, weekly, on Twitch at During my first stream a staggering number of 140 flight simulator enthusiasts already logged on to watch me taxi for the first time. Getting curious? Have a quick look at the first episode of season one of my flight simulator training series, below. Looking forward meeting many of you here aboard one of my next flights.

Blue skies!


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