Rudder without Joystick Solution – Aerosoft Airbus X

Rudder without Joystick Solution – Aerosoft Airbus X
Rudder without Joystick Solution – Aerosoft Airbus X

27 December, 2014

The Frequent Issue

When browsing through various forums, it becomes evident that a lot of people who do not have the ability to get a joystick (perhaps in their early stages of flight simulation) AND people who have a joystick but there is no available axis to assign for rudder control.

Do not fear! We have a solution just for that. NOTE: This will work for Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321 and most other aircrafts in FSX.

Estimated Time: 5 Minutes

Solution 1: 

If you already have a working joystick, but do not have a spare axis to  assign the rudder keys to, then this solution will work for you.

Once you have loaded into FSX, you have a choice either to a. Use the aileron axis to control your rudder OR b. to use your mouse as your rudder pedals.

For option A, you will need to ENABLE “Auto Rudder” control by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + U (or go into your realism settings) AND go to your right hand side MCDU > Options and Enable “Auto Rudder” from there as well.

For option B, you will need to follow Solution 2

Solution 2:

Please follow this solution if you do not have a joystick at all OR if you want to use your mouse as your main rudder control.

Step 1:  Load into flight sim and right click anywhere on the screen. On the dropdown menu, you will see a button called “Use mouse as controls” (or something along those lines).

Step 2: Go to Options > Controls > Axis (third tab) and scroll down to the “Rudder Axis”. Click on “Assign New Key” and when the popup opens, move your mouse left and right. Once you do this, the mouse axis will be selected as your “rudder surfaces”.
Hope you found this tutorial helpful and as always, feel free to leave a comment below.



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