Free FSX/P3D Addon – Realistic Weather Engine

Free FSX/P3D Addon – Realistic Weather Engine
Free FSX/P3D Addon – Realistic Weather Engine

8 November, 2016

Incredible Weather Engine

*Images courtesy of (official website)

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  • Realistic weather depiction based on METAR reports and GFS data (GRIB format).
  • Custom weather grid with more than 65.000 stations.
  • Worldwide coverage including oceans and unpopulated areas.
  • Unique direct wind control with realtime updates on the go.
  • Natural fluctuation of wind speed and direction.
  • Realistic local weather, including ‘educated guess’ for CAVOK/NSC/NCD conditions.
  • Entire raw data is three-dimensionally interpolated to eliminate harsh transitions.
  • Worldwide true winds aloft and temperatures.
  • Historic weather for the last 365 days archived and selectable.
  • Sophisticated injection to minimize disturbances within FSX/P3D due to simconnect.
  • Cloud depiction enhancements for a better visualization in FSX/P3D, including overcast conditions.
  • Realistic visibility on surface and aloft including foggy conditions.
  • Carefully implemented turbulences and wind gusts to harmonize with complex addon aircrafts.
  • Depiction of vivid weather to make flying in FSX/P3D more immersive than ever.
  • Easy-to-use and lightweight client interface.

Why i like it so much

Having used FSXWX for just over a month, here is my honest opinion about this addon.

ITS FREE!!! First and foremost, you do not have to pay a cent to get this up and running. Downloading and installing is simple and all you need is FSUIPC (free version will suffice) installed on your simulator for this to function and inject weather properly.

Moreover, as a person who runs FSX and P3D side by side, it also allows you to simply switch between them in a standalone program by toggling a checkbox. This makes is a lot more convenient as you do not have to maintain several versions of the same software in your hard drive.

Another cool feature i’ve seen is that they’ve modelled wind interpolation extremely well in terms of accuracy, precision and realism which is an added bonus.

So, ill leave the download links below. Make sure you follow the steps in the instructions and you should be good to go. If you have any questions, as always drop a comment below!


  • Flight Simulator X, OR Prepar3D (obviously)
  • SimConnect
  • .net Framework (most likely already installed on your machine)


Download Instructions for FSX
Download Instructions for P3D


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