Aerosoft’s upcoming Douglas DC-8

Aerosoft’s upcoming Douglas DC-8
Aerosoft’s upcoming Douglas DC-8

30 October, 2017

Image Source: Aerosoft Forums

Mathijs Kok from the Aerosoft team have just announced on their forum about their upcoming aicraft, the Douglas DC-8. You can learn more and view some of the initial images of this bird by following this link:

From his own words:

"A project not shown before, the Douglas DC-8 by Micheal Cepanda (and friends). It's a medium complexity project covering one of the most famous jets ever to grace the skies.  Now the DC-8 is a simple aircraft with many but basic systems so most are simulated down to fine detail. We'll have more details soon."

The Douglas DC-8 is a 4 engine long range aircraft built from 1958 to 1972. It is quiet a complex little aircraft with a magnitude of systems and configurations. A lot of people (including myself) always like a bit more than just flying from A to B using the autopilot within flight sim.

Lets hope this project delivers!

More updates as and when aerosoft makes announcements.


  • This sounds excellent.
    I do just hope that the gauges both pilot and flight engineer are a lot more readable than the current payware DC-8’s that we have today

  • This looks good, too bad pmdg doesn’t make aircraft like this. And at a speed like this…
    I don’t think this one will sell as much though

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