Aerosoft says CRJ’s first flight soon! – Release date not confirmed

Aerosoft says CRJ’s first flight soon! – Release date not confirmed
Aerosoft says CRJ’s first flight soon! – Release date not confirmed

5 August, 2016

UPDATE: Hans the developer from Aerosoft has posted this on the forum to clear out misunderstandings:

Guys, I don't want to ruin your day, but the CRJ release is NOT imminent. We're still busy testing and fixing things and we don't have a release candidate yet. I hope it won't be much longer but I still can't give you an estimate because finding and fixing bugs always takes exactly as much time as it takes and not a second less.

Aerosoft has hinted on their facebook page that the most awaited CRJ for FSX and P3D is soon to be released, by mentioning that its almost time for the first flight!

Long term followers of this project would have known that Aerosoft had many problems to deal with, that caused many delays to getting this aircraft released to the marketplace, however this time they arent joking around – its serious business!

You can now pre-order the package with a 10% discount.

Here is the full facebook message:

Your patience finally pays off!
After a long wait time for the CRJ 700/900, it's almost time for the first flight! We want thank you for your loyalty and your perseverance! Therefore Aerosoft gives another 15% to all customers who have already pre-ordered the CRJ on top. For all that didn’t decide yet we offer a 10% discount on their pre-order.


  • I’m one of the moderators and testers at Aerosoft. That post on the Facebook page was NOT meant to imply that release is imminent – in fact, it is anything but. The CRJ-700/900 is still being tested and fixed, and nobody including the coder or anyone on Aerosoft Staff have a release date. Very sorry for any confusion. With that in mind, it’s going to be an INCREDIBLE aircraft, a real contribution to the Flight Sim community! My very best wishes. Dave

    • Thanks for your message. It indeed from the facebook post looked liked that you guys hinted this, but i will update the post accordingly.

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