Aerosoft Airbus – Fix for Grayed out MCDU (Right)

Aerosoft Airbus – Fix for Grayed out MCDU (Right)
Aerosoft Airbus – Fix for Grayed out MCDU (Right)

26 December, 2014

When you purchase any Aerosoft Airbus packages, including the A318/A319 OR the A320/A321, then most likely on the steam version of FSX, the MCDU on the right hand of the cockpit (near the co-pilots side) will have the following options grayed (blurred out). This means that these options cannot be used and is unclickable. This tutorial will teach you what steps you need to follow in order to fix this.


Specifically, you will not be able to use:

1. ACFT State – You will not be able to manage the initial state of your aircraft. (i.e. cold and dark startup).

2. ACFT Doors – You will not be able to control your aircraft doors (i.e. open/close).

3. GND Services – GSX vehicles, such as the catering services will not be active.

4. You will not be able to fully startup your engines.

5. You will not be able to use any controls, such as throttle, ailerons and elevators.


Estimated Time To Fix: 5 Minutes


Step 1:

Go to the following destination on your computer. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\SDK\Core Utilities Kit\SimConnect SDK\LegacyInterfaces

Step 2: 

There are 3 folders named “FSX-RTM”, “FSX-SP1” and “FSX-XPACK”.

Step 3:

In each folder, there is an application called “SimConnect”. Open each folder one by one, and run this. You will be prompted to click “Next” and Agree to the terms.

Step 4:

Open up FSX and load into your Airbus. You should be good to go.

If you have any questions, concerns or anything to say, please use the comments section below.

Happy Flying!



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